Training Center

Introduction of the Center

The Zhuhai MUST Science and Technology Research Institute Industry-University-Research Base Training Exchange Center is based in the Guangdong-Macao In-Depth Cooperation Zone in Hengqin, Guangdong. Relying on the educational resources of Macau University of Science and Technology, combining with the characteristics of modern western management and education, facing the frontiers of science and technology, society, education and culture of the world, and focusing on countries, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the Guangdong-Macao In-Depth Cooperation Zone in Hengqin require industrial development. Directed toward people's lives and health, seizing the opportunities and challenges facing the development of enterprises, institutions and individuals at present - focusing on the development of new technological leaders, high-level vocational skills and innovative talents, government, educational institutions and enterprise management talents, multilingual talents, and student talents - are committed to enhancing the international vision and global thinking of the participants, promoting regional and international exchanges, cultivating the all-rounder who understands the mission of the country and the country's development.

Rich platform resources

  • M.U.S.T. resources

    The Macau University of Science and Technology is developing rapidly. As the largest comprehensive university in Macao, it is also the youngest top 20 university of the Cross-Strait. The University gives strong professional support by providing students with the same teaching resources and communication platforms as universities, so that they can establish potential connections with industry experts and scholars. Know more

  • Graduate School Management Training and Development Center

    The Management Training and Development Center (MTDC) of the Graduate School of Macau University of Science and Technology relies on the unique advantages of the Macao region, gives full play to its unique global value positioning, combines the characteristics of modern Western management and education, and is based on the current development of enterprises, institutions and individuals. Facing the opportunities and challenges, with top-level academic teachers, professional teaching, and management teams, and through a customized curriculum design, we will accelerate the development of talents. Featured programs include: Program for Corporate Executives and Government Officials, Program for Higher Education Institutes, Program for Lifelong Learning, etc. Know more

  • Macau International Education and Training Center

    The center provides training for Chinese teachers and professionals in English, Spanish, and Portuguese-speaking countries, and language training related to foreign language proficiency tests (IELTS, Spanish DELE, Portuguese CAPLE), etc. All teachers at the center are composed of professors from the International College of Macau University of Science and Technology and professors (of English, Portuguese, and Spanish) from partner institutions of Macau University of Science and Technology and related language countries. Know more

Merging the Benefits of Two Systems in Three Places

Fully combine the characteristics of the two systems, integrate the top resources in the industry, use the advantages of multiple languages, and improve the students' international vision and cross-cultural communication skills. Help students master the industry dynamics of the two systems and three places, improve their learning acumen, and export the cultural soft power of the Greater Bay Area.

Diverse Teaching Modes

Adhere to the concept of "effective teaching, independent development", and adopt a flexible teaching method combining online and offline learning. Classroom teaching methods designed based on different subjects, including situational lectures, case studies, group discussions, keynote speeches, practical simulations, classroom questions and answers, etc. In addition, the course adopts the method of "task-based learning", so that students can develop good habits of active learning and time management.

Customized Professional Courses

Adhere to the goal of "providing accurate course arrangements with the diagnosis and analysis of learning needs", fully solicit the learning needs and suggestions of the training subjects, organize a team of experts to design, demonstrate, and continuously optimize courses, and strive to provide students with the most cutting-edge and practical training courses, so that the training can truly achieve the purpose of problem-solving abilities, improving quality, and promoting work.

Training Content

Policy Interpretation, Special Research

Grasp the policies, measures and work trends issued by the state in a timely manner, and take the initiative to undertake and help government departments to carry out extensible training programs such as policy publicity and implementation, implementation of government entrustment, and transfer of government functions.

Education Management, Ability Improvement

According to the training needs of different types and levels of colleges and universities, through training courses, seminars, door-to-door teaching, and other methods focusing on the transformation of major educational and scientific research achievements in higher education, we aim to reform college education and teaching to carry out professional and customized training, among others.

Enterprise Development, Special Training

Focus on the needs of industry enterprises, develop training courses, carry out internal employee training of industry enterprises or cooperate with industry enterprises to carry out special training on business and project management.

Language Training, International Exchange

Pay attention to the dynamics of international exchanges and cooperation, and carry out training in other languages such as English, Portuguese, Cantonese, Spanish, French, Japanese, and others.

Thought Dimension Training, Scientific and Technological Innovation

Cultivate the creative awareness and innovative spirit of primary and secondary school students, lead students' practical ability, and pave the way for the development of scientific and technological talents.

Study Tours, Broaden Horizons

According to the regional characteristics and the needs of the teaching content of various disciplines, organize college students to go out of the campus through collective travel and centralized accommodation, expand their cultural exchange horizons, enrich their knowledge, deepen their sense of closeness to nature and culture, and increase their awareness of collective lifestyles and social public morality experience to cultivate all-round talents.

Training Courses

Past Courses

Understanding China

Knowing where it comes from, knowing where it is, and knowing where it goes. China is a long-standing civilization and a warm country. Spread Chinese culture and Chinese values to the world, promote people-to-people bonds in all countries, and make unremitting efforts to build a community with a shared future for mankind.

Understand Macau

Help Macao integrate into the overall development of the country, and promote more in-depth cooperation between Guangdong and Macao. It has laid a solid theoretical foundation for the design and operation of the Guangdong-Macau co-consultation, co-construction, co-management and sharing system and mechanism, as well as the integrated development of Zhuhai and Macao.

Advanced Seminar for Elite Lawyers

The collision of multiple legal cultures and the establishment of a multi-dimensional information structure. Explore the humanities of Macao from the perspective of law, and enhance the space for cooperation between the legal professions of the two places.

Customized Courses

Course Overview

Enterprise customized courses are based on the comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the training needs of enterprise customers, aiming at the training focus of customers in different stages such as strategic development, organizational improvement, and management changes, and provide enterprises with "DIY" training plans. Both parties jointly customize management training programs.

Cooperation Process

Stage 1: Identifying Needs

Fill out the Enterprise Needs Survey

Stage 2: Designing the Course

Modify and improve the plan, and sign the agreement

Stage 3: Implementing the Curriculum

Set goals, and take the courses

Stage 4: Evaluation Feedback

Evaluation and follow-up, summarizing and improving application